20 de February, 2020

EMSO Conference – Oceans


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IPMA participated in the “EMSO Conference – preparing for UN Decade of Ocean Science” in Athens, Greece, from 12 to 14 February.

The meeting brought together more than 50 representatives from various areas of the international community linked to marine science, and aimed to coordinate efforts to meet the ambitious challenge of the United Nations “2021-2030 Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development”, as well as support the European mission on “Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal and Inland Waters”.

Zuzia Stroynowski, “regional team leader” of the project in Portugal (EMSO – PT), was present at the event. The coordinator of the IPMA’s research vessel division, Mafalda Carapuço presented the “OceanTech” project – a strategic research and development mobilization program. The fundamental objective of the project is to generate new technical-scientific knowledge that will harness development and construction, as well as offer new products, processes and services for the deep ocean. The aim is make these services available to the global market, relying on the research vessel (NI) Mar Portugal as the infrastructure to support the project’s operation. 

The event was organized by the “EMSO-ERIC – European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water-column Observatory Research Infrastructure Consortium”.