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Francisco Ferreira. Development of bioremediation technologies based on deep sea organisms. Master in Toxicology and Environmental Contamination from FCUP and ICBAS. University of Porto, Portugal (2016-2019).
Mafalda Freitas. Authigenic minerals at Yinazao serpentinite mud volcano and their relationship with seawater and deep sourced fluids. Master in Ciências do Mar e da Atmosfera at the University of Aveiro.

Conferences and Presentations

Exploring the Frontier of Marine Robotics. Cooperative Navigation and Control of Networked Systems, IST- Workshop on Recent Advances in Marine Robotics, LIRMM. Montpellier, France, 21-05-2019.
Autonomous Marine Vehicles. Theory and Practice, a five day course & workshop organized by IST and the Universidad Nacional de San Agustin de Arequipa (UNSA), Arequipa. Peru, 22 a 26-04-2019
Exploring the Blue Frontier with Cooperative Marine Robots. Theory and Practice, IST - 2018 IEEE 8th Int. Conf. Underwater System Technology. Wuhan, China, 02-12-2018.
Advanced Control and Navigation of Autonomous Marine Vehicles. Course & workshop organized by IST and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Madras, India, 19 a 30-08-2019
Rapid Environmental Picture Atlantic exercise 2018 15 a 27-09-2018
International Workshop on Marine Technology Martech18 8th 10 e 11-12-2018
IEEE OES AUV Symposium 2018 06 a 09-11-2018
Assembleia Geral EMSO ERIC Roma, 18 a 19-11-2019
Assembleia Geral EMSO ERIC Barcelona,21 a 23-10-2018
APOCEAN 3ª reunião 24 a 25-05-2019
WORKSHOP CCMAR 2019 8-05-2019
Fronteiras XXI. RTP3. Temporada 3, Episódio 9.