21 de October, 2021

Fatima Abrantes receives the AGU 2021 Ambassador Award


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EMSO-PT member Fátima Abrantes is the recipient of the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) Ambassador 2021 award.

AGU is a non-profit organisation that brings together researchers and communicators in the geosciences and space sciences. The Ambassador Award is presented annually to up to five recipients in recognition of their contributions in one or more of the following areas: social impact, service to the geosciences and space sciences community, scientific leadership and talent or career development.

This award is an important recognition from the whole scientific community in the geosciences and space sciences of the excellence of the work of this researcher in research, education and communication of science.

Fátima Abrantes is a senior researcher at the Marine Geology Division of IPMA and coordinator of EMSO Gold laboratories in Lisbon. She holds a PhD in Marine Geology and is dedicated to the study of the history of the oceans in the geological past. She has authored 110 scientific papers and co-edited the book “Reconstructing Ocean History: A Window into the Future and The Climate of the Mediterranean Region”.

About the award, Fátima Abrantes says: “It is a distinction that came as a total surprise, I never expected it! It is however very good to get a peer recognition, at international level, for the work done since 1990 in the formation and development of a research group in Palaeoceanography and Palaeoclimate in Portugal, of all the effort to affirm the value of the group and the country at International level, through the education of many young researchers from Portugal and abroad. Despite the difficulties that always had to be faced at national level, this international recognition confirms that fighting for a dream is worth it!”

Fátima Abrantes joins other scientists, leaders, educators, journalists and communicators from all over the world whose extraordinary contribution has allowed to expand the frontiers of science.

AGU will celebrate this year’s winners during the #AGU21 Fall Meeting, to be held 13-17 December 2021 in New Orleans, Los Angeles and, online, around the world.