2 de November, 2020

Another successful test for the Cadiz Station profiler completed by CCMAR (member of EMSO-PT)


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The second sea trials for the water column profiler were conducted on 26th October 2020 off the coast of Sesimbra aboard the IPMA Research Vessel Diplodus. The team was led by Carlos Sousa (CCMAR) assisted by Luciano Junior (CIMA-UAlg) and Zuzia Stroynowski (IPMA).

The trials were a great success. Under challenging conditions of 3 metre swells, the team were able to deploy the profiler and run four complete profiles before being successfully recovered. The water column profiler is a key component of the Cadiz Station that will provide water column data for the upper 150 metres.

The profiler is now ready to be permanently deployed in the southwest Portuguese waters in the scope of the EMSO-PT project.