15 de May, 2021

Slocum tests a success!


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The INESC team was out at Leixões in the first week of May to test the newly acquired sensors that have been added to the Slocum. The Slocum Glider G2 is an unmanned underwater vehicle, capable of diving to 1000 m water depth using a buoyancy engine which is capable of altering the buoyancy of the vehicle.

The “captain” of the sea trials was Jorge Barbosa, who was accompanied by glider pilots Nuno Abreu and Eduardo Almeida.

The sensors that were tested, were the:

SBE PUMPED CTD SENSOR – conductivity, salinity and density,

ECO Triplet FLBBCD-SLC – fluorescence/Chlorophyll-a

AANDERAA OPTODE 4831 – dissolved oxygen

The launch and recovery procedures were tested successfully from the bow of INESC’s rigid inflatable boat (a first…!). They were also able to perform pre-launch tests (readings from internal sensors to make sure everything is working properly). Iridium communications (satellite) between the glider and the server back at the INESC lab facilities were also successfully completed.

These trials was performed in sheltered waters inside the harbour, and the team intends to test the equipment out at sea as soon as conditions are favourable.