28 de May, 2021

Water column profiler launched in the Gulf of Cadiz


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The RV Mario Ruivo sailed out from Lisbon on 23rd May with three tasks:

  • to launch the water column profiler in the Gulf of Cadiz
  • to launch the OBSs (developed by IDL, FCUL)
  • and to test the slocum in open waters (INESC TEC).
    Thankfully, the seas were managable and all three tasks were completed successfully! You can watch the highlights in these short videos here:

Thanks to everyone on board for their tireless efforts during the long days of work.

Acknowledgements: Mafalda Carapuço, Paulo Relvas, Carlos Sousa, Anibal Matos, Carlos Corela, Luis Matias, Afonso Loureiro