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CEiiA is a Centre of Engineering and Product Development that designs, implements, and operates innovative products and systems, alongside with its partners, for high-tech industries, such as, the aeronautics, automotive, urban mobility, ocean and space ones. Our Vision is to establish Portugal as a reference within these industries, particularly in the development of technologies, products, and systems, conceived, industrialized, and operated from Portugal.

CEiiA operates in the global market, having a subsidiary in Brazil (MIND Brazil) and engineering teams deployed in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Italy.

Currently, CEiiA has a team of 230 Researchers and Engineers presently involved in Research & Engineering activities with integrated product and process development methodologies, based upon full capabilities for product development including concept, design, research, engineering (CAD/CAE/CFD), prototyping and testing of materials and full-scale structures. CEIIA also provides industrialisation support to several Portuguese and international companies.

CEIIA has extensive experience regarding collaborative development projects within the aeronautical, mobility, ocean industries and most recently with the space industry. Examples are given of collaboration in development activities with major industrial companies, as well as, in collaborative R&D projects, both national and international, supported in the framework of Portugal’s and EU’s R&D funding programmes.